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Mmm, Mmm…Nothing like Campbell’s Cream of Asparagus Soup

The view from my corner garden

Really?  Another asparagus recipe?  As the header of my blog reads…How I try to cook locally and not insanely.  I really try to eat what is in season and right now we are approaching the the final act of one of my favorite vegetable’s spectacular spring fling.

The other week I made this incredible recipe by Tal Ronnen for Cream of Asparagus Soup.  So freakin’ easy to make (especially with an immersion blender) and would even impress those wary of asparagus.  This is the second soup I have blogged about from Tal, where I used his “cashew cream” instead of dairy.  It still amazes me that using pureed nuts you can achieve the same taste of dairy.

I made the recipe the same as Tal’s, although I did not use the spinach.  I am guessing the spinach just makes it greener and adds a slightly different taste.  Adding cubes of cooked potatoes would be a fabby addition to give it some texture, as the soup is velvety smooth.  This weekend I plan to make a batch and freeze it, so I can enjoy this in the fall as well when I am yammering on about butternut squash.

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