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Dig this Great Recipe: Celery Root Soup

Usually when writing a post, I try to find the most flowery, sometimes verbose language to describe the food experience on hand.  But after trying a new recipe, the words I found coming out of my mouth were, “Holy crap, this is GOOD.” 

The ingredient list for Celery Root Soup is short, vegan, and dare I say, tastier that you can imagine.  I had reservations making a “cashew cream” in lieu of cream or other dairy option.  But let me say, you could not tell the difference between the two.  So if you are looking for a healthy and tasty soup – this has it all.   Even though we had it for a meal, it would make a fancy-ass first course for a dinner party.  It is satisfying and hearty, but yet delicate.  The granny smith apples and chive oil really make it come together and can make anyone realize that eating vegan is not void of taste.

This soup celebrates the colder weather season and leaves you with two feelings:  1.)  Yummy happy belly   2.) A sense of kind cooking for your body, animals and the environment.  I root for all those things in meal.

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