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Straight from the Farm…Pork Chops w/Pear Maple Sauce

This time of year makes people reflect on many things.  I think everyone can agree that relations with family and friends tops the list of things of which we are thankful.  This past year, I have met some wonderful people that have,  in a different kind of way, become part of our family.  They have a spot at our dinner table at a few meals every week.  These folks are the local farmers who have provided us with our beef, pork, chicken and eggs.  Desiring not to purchase factory farmed meat, I have developed relationships with them that go beyond the topic of food.  I have enjoyed our conversations about each of our families, toured their farms, and experienced their dedication to their work. 

pork chops w/pear maple sauce, plated

We recently got in touch with a local farm, R Family Farm, that was able to provide us with 1/2 side of pork.  Like the name says, it is a family run farm, with the whole family involved in the farming and selling of livestock.   One of my favorite and easy recipes is Pork Chops with Pear Maple Sauce  and it’s always a hit in our house.   The kids enjoy the sweet sauce and it is very comforting food on a colder day. 

In a related topic, I just finished Jonathan Safran Foer’s latest book, Eating Animals.  I welcome any discussions and your thoughts about the book.  It is a very eye opening look at factory farmed meat.  Food, much like the topic of religion, is deeply personal to most people.  That said, I respect everyone’s opinion and am interested in hearing what your views are on the matter.

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