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Thanksgiving Leftovers a Go Go…Turkey Bone Gumbo

For those of you cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year…enjoy this adventure!  I would love to help you out, but this year we are not cooking dinner, we are going to my sister in law’s, as she will be cooking the feast.  You see, my husband (slightly obsessed with cooking this meal and a type A personality) has created a very handy LAMINATED (correction, plastic page protector) chart for cooking the turkey and has notated recipes for tasty sides like stuffing.  Being a control freak, he passed on this gourmet grid on to his sister so she could cook a dinner that he would have some type of control over, thus leaving me empty-handed to pass on recipes to you.

I think this control stems from the fact that when family gets together, anything can happen.   At least when you have secured the menu, you have something in your corner.   And one more thing you can count on when you plan the menu is turkey leftovers.

So in lieu of an awesome turkey dinner recipe (check back next year), I give you something that we cherish just as much…the day-after recipe…Turkey Bone Gumbo.  When it comes to our food, we are pretty darn thrifty and never throw out something that could be made into a sauce, broth, stew or any other type of leftover goodness.  We have made this day-after recipe since we have been married (even going so far as to take the turkey carcass from my mother’s house when she made it one year!).  I hope you enjoy the gumbo, as well as your Thanksgiving holiday.

*I know this turkey is a little large (click on photo for great reporting by The Onion) but if you can get a heritage bird, by all means do so.  We got one last year and really enjoyed the meatier taste.  Since they are not genetically and artificially bred to have large breasts, there is more dark meat.  It’s a great way to support your local farmers, local economy and if you do eat meat, the most humane way to eat meat.

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