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Wasn’t Roman outside this cold morning…I was too chicken

Go ahead, call me a Sally.  I did not visit the farmers market this morning to get my produce for the week due to the blast of cold air that awaited outside.  I was snuggled up in my XL old college sweatshirt and the thought of heading outside did not seem in my best interest. Or the interest of my two year old daughter.  She seemed to have picked up hand-foot-mouth disease, a virus that leaves lovely blister-like sores on the aforementioned body parts.  Yes, we are so into eating in our household, even when we get sick, it relates to eating food!  Fortunately I had overbought the previous week, so I was all good.

With the chilly weather, I was extra psyched to have a warm chicken dish that warms your belly.  I am not a huge Food Network groupie, but I happened to stumble upon an episode of Giada (and of course her “girls”) making this Roman Chicken dish.  If I just saw the recipe in a cookbook, I probably would not have made it.  But on TV it really looked good, so I gave it a whirl, and it has remained a fav.  I serve it with oven roasted potatoes…when on the plate with the chicken, they really soak up the juices and taste freakin awesome.  The red peppers, proscuitto, herbs and capers really harmonize well together.  I end up eating more the peppers than anything!  And the best part, even if you over cook the chicken, all the juices make the chicken moist anyway. 


Lucy is on the floor, waiting for something tasty to drop

Lucy is on the floor, waiting for something tasty to drop

Roman Chicken - plated

So now I think I shall head to a different farmers market later in the week. I feel like I am cheating on my favorite vendors at the Woodstock FM.  Last week after we had left, a handful of them were sporting Spiderman stickers courtesy of my 5-year-old son.  They leave their mark on our family with their wonderful produce, so I guess it was our turn to literally leave our mark on them.

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