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Parmesan-Shrimp Pasta Bake

Lately my conscious has been getting the best of me.  With the explosion of non-fiction food-related books out there, I have been forced to examine my own relationship with food.  That relationship starts with the origin of your food, and I don’t mean your local grocery store.  Where some feel guilty with the calorie count of a meal, I get guilt with where the food comes from.  Rectifying this internal matter, I have taken steps to truly know where the majority of my food comes from.   I get my produce, chicken, beef and eggs from local farmers.  In addition to the wonderful relationships I have made with these farmers, I have placated myself in knowing that they were raised responsibly*.

But shrimp is another matter entirely.  It goes beyond just responsible and sustainable eating.  It travels further than animal rights and  lands smack dab in the middle of human rights.  Long story short, remember to buy US origin wild shrimp.  I don’t like to get preachy, but if you want the full story, check out Barry Estabrook’s article  from Gourmet magazine.

Moving on…I woke up Monday morning to a sore throat and runny nose and felt like I got hit by our Monday morning garbage truck.  Fortunately, we had celebrated my son’s birthday the day before, so his excitement over new toys gave me the opportunity to become one with the couch.  (Side note, kudos to Dave on a fantastic deep fried Cajun turkey!)  So I was glad when I realized on the menu was the shrimp bake.  I am not a huge casserole person, so don’t expect to see many recipes on here like this.  Many folks say that seafood and cheese should not be combined in the same recipe, but this one definitely works.   I think it is the fresh dill that ties it all together.

 Shrimp Bake Casserole


On Deck: Focaccia Bread – let’s keep using those herbs!

*As responsibly as one can raise animals/animal by-products.  I am not a vegan or 100% vegetarian, but I wholly respect those who are.  For me, personally knowing how those animals were raised and treated absolves any guilt I feel about cooking with them.

  1. Kris Z.
    September 22, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Looks delicious. I think cheese and shellfish can work – Lobster Mac & Cheese for example. I recently made quiche using leftover salmon, fresh chives, cream cheese, and a little bit of Parmesan sprinkled on top.

    Kudos to your responsible meat and seafood purchasing!

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