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Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers – The Bomb or Da Bomb?

I haven’t had a recipe bomb in a long time.  You know, you try a new recipe and wonder “Who the hell thinks this is ANY good?”  and end up eating leftover chocolate cake that has been sitting in the back of the fridge hidden behind some strategically placed fruit.  I have been on a mean cooking streak for a while, about 10 years now.    I think my last bomb recipe involved fish somehow, but I’m not exactly sure.  I thought I would give my hand at blogging what I cook.

Reason being?  People have asked me to.  I hate to say this, but I think (okay, I know)  I am one of my only friends who make just about everything from scratch.  They are intrigued when I say I made the caramel  and hot fudge sauce for ice cream sundaes from scratch.  And I am not talking about any of that semi-homemade crap a la Sandra Lee and her $30 side dishes.  I think with the economy tanking she had to realign her cooking and now she has a cookbook for cheaper recipes.  I still am not a fan of hers. 

But beyond the Food Network’s Eye Candy Disguised as Chefs, I thought I would start this blog as a cathartic way to tame my unsettled need to do something related to cooking.  I am not going to cooking school.  I do not want to be a chef and work weekends and wear white (damn pasty white thighs of mine!).  I just want to cook good food and write about it. 

Any suggestions or recommendations are always appreciated.  It lets me know, other than my dashboard demographics, that people are actually reading what I wrote.  Yes I did read Julie & Julia and thought it was nice.  I am not trying to cook an insane amount of cholesterol-topping, ethically provoking French recipes.  I am just a gal who likes to cook and write. 

So tonight bringeth Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers – hopefully it will be a good start to a beautiful week here in Chicago.

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